Which camp are you in?

90ecdc_5cca2b5a935490e62149c7db0a1e905eRemember summer camp as a kid?

Cabin mates, strangers the first day who became best friends within three days… pine scented air straight from the source (pine trees!)… frigid early morning swimming lessons… crazy crafts from acorn caps and popsicle sticks… evening campfires and canoe sings… an expansive feeling of time for playing, learning, being, storing memories.

I remember that kind of summer camp experience!

Yet, in September of last year, I was dismayed to realize that I’d spent my whole summer (as an adult) at Camp Wuzgonna. I hadn’t registered, packed for it, or intended to spend those precious July and August days there.

On reflection, I see how it happened – by default, and my fault – without an alternate plan firmly declared, each day and week that passed were BUSY, filled with work and chores and certainly I was active doing what needed to be done. And some of what I was busy about was great fun in the moment, and appreciated as such…

But I “wuzgonna” write every day, take more long beach walks, have a month away from daily work, retreat, create, play…so I could have more balance (and fun!) in my life.

I let myself down by not making a solid plan to do more of what I wanted to do.

What do you WANT to do?

Get more balance (and fun!) in your life? Finally finish (or begin) a project at home or work? Don’t end up at “Camp Wuzgonna” like I did!

This year I’m heading to “Camp Iwanna.” Will you be there?

Do you need a coach to help you figure out what “camp” you’ll attend?

Contact me – I love helping people find the right camp!

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