Traumatic Brain Injury

The best of what I know about working with individuals who have suffered a brain injury is what they have taught me.

I have learned from clients, authors and speakers how their lives changed forever, in mere moments, when their brains were injured by automobile accidents, while playing a favorite sport, or even just tripping and falling while hurrying along to keep up with a busy schedule. Suddenly everything was different and the tasks of daily living, once taken for granted, became monumental to accomplish.

Kara Swanson, a talented writer and speaker, noted during a presentation that:I'll Carry the Fork

It took two seconds to sustain my injury, two days to name it, two months to hate it, and nearly two years to really learn how I was going to succeed despite it.

In her witty and wonderful book I’ll Carry the Fork, she talks about “Team Kara,” all of the professionals and friends who sustained and supported her own efforts to recover her life following her traumatic brain injury.

Everyone who is living with brain-based challenges that make organization of time, systems and things difficult can benefit from working with an Organizer Coach who understands how to help you make the most of your strengths to live a life that works more easily for you.

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