Finish Lines

What difference will it make in your life to be someone who completes things?

Marathon runners don’t line up at the start and then run in randomly selected directions. They have a goal and a strategy to get there. They have developed skills, often with the aid of a coach, by training and practicing habits that will support their achievement.

  • They choose efficient equipment.
  • They pace themselves.
  • They stay the course.

And when they hear the crowd cheering as they round a final corner, they don’t stop – this isn’t the finish line – victory requires going all the way.

Every project we take on is a personal marathon. An organizer-coach can help you develop the skills and identify the steps to build the habits that will enable success.

For many, the detours are too tempting. For some, the choice of equipment is overwhelming.

And then there’s the matter of the goal…Identifying the finish line is essential to marking victory. “Finishing” feels amazing, doesn’t it? And it leaves you ready, even better prepared, for the next race.

What’s the “finish line” for household tasks? Laundry’s finish line is not collecting the dirty clothes or sorting them or putting the load into the washer or the dryer. These are all necessary steps along the way. The “finish line” is having your clothes ready so that you can get dressed without obstacle. READY to go!!

For a creative project, the finish line is not putting down the paintbrush after the final stroke, it’s cleaning the brush and putting away supplies. READY to create next time (or ready to use the table for dinner!)

The finish line is not gathering unwanted things to donate to a good cause. It is taking them to the donation site or having them picked up.

Decide at the outset of any task what “finished” will look like. Imagine further what “finished” will feel like. Aim for your finish line – don’t stop until you cross it. Then celebrate! You did it! Another personal victory!

The support of a coach can be invaluable as you learn to more easily and successfully run the course of your life. If you’re interested in exploring coaching,  contact me!

One thought on “Finish Lines”

  1. Great analogies, Lynne. Even professional athletes need a coach to help them excel at their sport and get to the finish line faster.

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