Chronic Disorganization

Working Order vs. Perfect Orderstorage bins

Whether organizing a small kitchen or a home office, dealing with clutter in closets or files, coaching on personal time management skills or office procedures, we always focus the task of organizing based on two initial queries:

“What’s working for you?”
“What’s not working for you?”

My mission is to help you put your life in working order.

This will look different for each of you, because your perspectives and goals are unique. Some people want a system for organizing paper files with several dozen fine-tuned categories. Other people have no interest in maintaining that level of detail, but they would like to be able to retrieve necessary documentation for tax preparation on an annual basis.

Some want their spices alphabetized and others want to easily find two mittens that match. For some, clutter born of creativity is acceptable; for others, clutter of any kind equals chaos.

I provide hands-on organizing (in eastern Massachusetts) and coaching (everywhere — via phone, VoIP and/or email) services focused on organizing space and systems for residences and home offices. These range from clutter clearing to creating systems for financial management to for financial management to arrangement of personal libraries and more…eliminating stress along with clutter.

I strive to honor your preferences and provide systems that serve your purposes. Perfect order is whatever works for you and those who share your space. It’s about optimizing function.

Declutter, de-stress, and begin to take delight in discovering how to be organized and live the life you want in the space you have. I understand that some of you have never had success meeting this challenge.

Let me share my experience and success with you.