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Don’t Peel the Avocado!

Great effort, poor result

My goal was simply to make a new salad for Christmas that featured red and green. The two main ingredients were tomatoes and avocados. Obviously this salad did not originate in New England to be made in December in the early 1980s because neither of those vegetables was readily available or ripe enough to taste great, but that’s not the point of this story.

I had never met an avocado in its entirety. (Please note that this was prior to YouTube advice in the kitchen!) The recipe called for diced avocado. I did know that I needed to get past that reptilian outside and my tool of choice was a vegetable peeler. This worked ok for the first few strokes, nicely removing the skin, but it got really slippery and messy as I turned it in my hand to get the rest of it. Way too much of the part I wanted just mushed up in my hand while I applied pressure with the peeler from the other. After peeling, I cut what remained away from the pit and diced what was left – not much. Phew!

I had no clue how to make this easier.

For a few YEARS, each time I used avocado in a recipe I did the same thing: peeled from the outside! Until I had a close encounter with a native Californian who, to my astonishment, took a knife straight around a whole avocado and when it fell into perfectly un-mushed halves, hit the pit with the knife blade, lifted it out, loosened it out of the skin with a spoon, and sliced it easily. It was a revelation!

Here’s the point: I did the best I could to accomplish my goal but there was a MUCH SIMPLER way to accomplish the same goal that I didn’t know existed.

We don’t always know what we don’t know!

Are you trying to accomplish something in a way that may be harder than necessary, taking extra steps or using the wrong tools? Maybe because “you’ve always done it this way” or because you can’t see any alternative approach?

Coaching can make life easier

In coaching we work together to notice your processes and make things easier whenever possible with new tools and strategies. You don’t have to peel the avocado!
Contact me today to find out more – about coaching, not cooking!


Finish Lines

What difference will it make in your life to be someone who completes things?

Marathon runners don’t line up at the start and then run in randomly selected directions. They have a goal and a strategy to get there. They have developed skills, often with the aid of a coach, by training and practicing habits that will support their achievement.

  • They choose efficient equipment.
  • They pace themselves.
  • They stay the course.

And when they hear the crowd cheering as they round a final corner, they don’t stop – this isn’t the finish line – victory requires going all the way.

Every project we take on is a personal marathon. An organizer-coach can help you develop the skills and identify the steps to build the habits that will enable success.

For many, the detours are too tempting. For some, the choice of equipment is overwhelming.

And then there’s the matter of the goal…Identifying the finish line is essential to marking victory. “Finishing” feels amazing, doesn’t it? And it leaves you ready, even better prepared, for the next race.

What’s the “finish line” for household tasks? Laundry’s finish line is not collecting the dirty clothes or sorting them or putting the load into the washer or the dryer. These are all necessary steps along the way. The “finish line” is having your clothes ready so that you can get dressed without obstacle. READY to go!!

For a creative project, the finish line is not putting down the paintbrush after the final stroke, it’s cleaning the brush and putting away supplies. READY to create next time (or ready to use the table for dinner!)

The finish line is not gathering unwanted things to donate to a good cause. It is taking them to the donation site or having them picked up.

Decide at the outset of any task what “finished” will look like. Imagine further what “finished” will feel like. Aim for your finish line – don’t stop until you cross it. Then celebrate! You did it! Another personal victory!

The support of a coach can be invaluable as you learn to more easily and successfully run the course of your life. If you’re interested in exploring coaching,  contact me!

Failing to Fail

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? That’s a powerful and provocative question asked by coaches and magazine surveys aiming to help you elevate your happiness quotient.

And it’s an uncomfortably BIG question when your reality presents you with a sink full of dishes, bills to be paid, laundry to be done, people to be fed, projects to complete, schedules to be kept, and on and on. Failure? Not an option. Don’t try, do. Do now, do again, keep doing, do more — so much that needs to be done — by you.

Do you feel like you’re “failing” because the doing of these necessary daily tasks is taking every bit of your life’s energy and all your time?

Will you take a few minutes to clarify what “not failing” (aka “success”) looks like in this moment? Your view will be different from mine, from your sister’s, your best friend’s, your mother’s. It’s the view from where you are and it will vary depending how far off in the distance you’re looking. Look at it close-up: what is “not failing” for you, right now, in this moment/hour/day? Can you get that image clear enough in your own thinking that you can identify one next step to take to reach that destination as easily as possible?

What is one single thing you can do that gets you closer to feeling on-track, closer to having a successful outcome? Will you do it?

  • Will you empty the dishwasher of clean dishes or finish filling it and run the load? One thing.
  • Will you gather all of the mail that hasn’t been opened? One thing.
  • Will you sit with your calendar, electronic or paper, and enter all scheduled events for you and your family? One thing.
  • Will you make a list of the top three projects you want to work on completing? One thing.

Each of these moves you forward. One step now, then the next.To_do_list_(blank)

If this is too difficult or overwhelming to do on your own, it’s a great topic to explore with a coach. Coaching can give you the opportunity to shift your perspective, change the view, reach the destination…and even enjoy the journey. Contact me!


Which camp are you in?

90ecdc_5cca2b5a935490e62149c7db0a1e905eRemember summer camp as a kid?

Cabin mates, strangers the first day who became best friends within three days… pine scented air straight from the source (pine trees!)… frigid early morning swimming lessons… crazy crafts from acorn caps and popsicle sticks… evening campfires and canoe sings… an expansive feeling of time for playing, learning, being, storing memories.

I remember that kind of summer camp experience!

Yet, in September of last year, I was dismayed to realize that I’d spent my whole summer (as an adult) at Camp Wuzgonna. I hadn’t registered, packed for it, or intended to spend those precious July and August days there.

On reflection, I see how it happened – by default, and my fault – without an alternate plan firmly declared, each day and week that passed were BUSY, filled with work and chores and certainly I was active doing what needed to be done. And some of what I was busy about was great fun in the moment, and appreciated as such…

But I “wuzgonna” write every day, take more long beach walks, have a month away from daily work, retreat, create, play…so I could have more balance (and fun!) in my life.

I let myself down by not making a solid plan to do more of what I wanted to do.

What do you WANT to do?

Get more balance (and fun!) in your life? Finally finish (or begin) a project at home or work? Don’t end up at “Camp Wuzgonna” like I did!

This year I’m heading to “Camp Iwanna.” Will you be there?

Do you need a coach to help you figure out what “camp” you’ll attend?

Contact me – I love helping people find the right camp!